01. Caribbean CIP Showcase

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Caribbean CIP Showcase Sponsors. CIS2109 conference organizer OPEN Interactive is pleased to offer the first ever B2C and B2B Caribbean CIP Showcase Sponsorship Package. Show your support for your country’s Citizenship By Investment Program while connecting your brand directly with delegates at CIS2019 and via the online CBI Experience platform — an online and mobile B2C Showcase and lead generator for your service, promoted online, via app stores, and across your source markets social platforms for 365 days following CIS2019. 

- Summit Organizers

Cost: Contact sales 855-700-6736 to book your CIP Sponsorship
or email icsummit@madebyopen.com

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1 Purchased / 4 Pending 

Sponsorships are managed by OPEN Interactive and provided on a first come, first serve basis.




Sponsorship Level Impact:

1. Caribbean CIP Showcase

2. Diamond

3. Platinum / Cocktail Sponsors

4. Gold

5. Silver

6. CIS Partners

About The Caribbean CIP Showcase

CIP Showcase

Be a part of the first ever Caribbean CIP Showcase, a new offering at CIS2019 and the highest sponsorship impact level. Each Caribbean Citizenship by Investment Unit will feature in their own dedicated ‘experiential’ space, each of which will showcase:

– 1 real estate developer from that CBI jurisdiction;
– Sponsoring service providers; and
– Sponsoring international marketing agents.

Showcase the image, brand and services of your company by securing one of only three featured spots within each of these 5 immersive exhibition spaces. Visitors will be able to learn and engage with your company or organisation as these experiential spaces promise broad exposure and significant impact.

All sponsors of the CIP Showcase will be automatically featured in our Caribbean CIP website and app — an opportunity to extend the reach of your company’s or organisations brand and services long after the end of the Summit.

Stakeholders who benefit…

  • Prime Ministers
  • CIU Heads
  • CIU Units (Nation Branding)
  • Developers. Sponsorship Limited to One (1) Featured Real Estate Developer per CIU Showcase
  • Service Providers. Sponsorship available for up to twelve (12) featured Service Providers per CIU Showcase
  • Marketing Agents. Sponsorship available for up to twelve (12) featured Marketing Agents per CIU Showcase

Package provides for the following combined CIU Showcase benefits 


Citizenship Investment Units, Prime Ministers, CIU Leadership Exhibit at CIS2019 at No Expense. We are pleased to offer you a comprehensive branding and promotions package for your unit at CIS2019. Required digital assets must be made available to the summit organizer by May 1, 2019. The summit organizer reserves the right to proceed with production using available material from various sources. Due to the extensive production preparations, monies paid towards this package are non-refundable.

Your CIS2019 experience and the content we create together lives on as a business development assistant 24/7, 365 days a year through CBIexperience.com and CBI Experience Mobile Application.