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Our #Pressconference showcased the recent #Caribbean #Invesment Summit @cbisummit which was attended by 415 global delegates and speakers. It received positive feedback and was heralded as the most consequential industry event.

St. Kitts and Nevis Prime Minister calls for continued innovation of the region’s CBI programmes https://zizonline.com/st-kitts-and-nevis-prime-minister-calls-for-continued-innovation-of-the-regions-cbi-programmes/

Caribbean Investment Summit: Success of CBI is measured by development of St Kitts-Nevis, says PM Harris https://wicnews.com/caribbean/caribbean-investment-summit-success-cbi-measured-development-st-kitts-nevis-says-pm-harris-483120353/ via @WIC_News

The 4th annual Caribbean Investment summit happening today in #Saint_Kitts will draw 400 attendees including government officials, heads of #Citizenship_by_Investment (CBI) Units, developers, as well as international marketing agents.

Multi-agency approach to due diligence is central feature of St. Kitts-Nevis’ CBI industry, Prime Minister Harris said at Caribbean Investment Summit http://www.buckiegotit.com/2019/06/20/multi-agency-approach-to-due-diligence-is-central-feature-of-st-kitts-nevis-cbi-industry-prime-minister-harris-said-at-caribbean-investment-summit/

St Kitts-Nevis PM underscores CBI significance at Caribbean Investment Summit


We are delighted to have Hamilton Beach Villas in Nevis, a St Kitts Nevis CBI Project, host the CIS2019 closing ceremony for the second year. Definitely back by popular demand! Thank you Deon Daniel for your hospitality. #CIS2019 #CBI #Caribbean #Nevis #investment

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